By Michael J. Cooper

Remnants of Death

A novel of death and retribution. Jim and Mike were not just brothers but also best friends. Jim, the older of the two, successfully practiced law, was married to a beautiful woman, had two well-adjusted children and operated successfully in the social milieu of their town. Mike was single, a bit of a misanthrope, his philosophy degree was set aside in favor of running his own business as a framing contractor. Living in the same town, visiting regularly, sharing experiences–it seemed an idyllic relationship…except that they both had secrets. Jim dealt drugs. Mike loved Jim’s wife. Mike tried desperately to control his fantasies and for a long time he kept his feelings well hidden beneath a show of nonchalance. Jim, however, succumbed to temptation putting his perfect world at risk. Slowly their individual needs and desires spiraled out of control. The resolution to this entangled bond can only be discovered in the remnants of death.

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