15 Ways Not To Suck

By Michael J. Cooper

Fifteen Ways Not To Suck

Let’s face it, we’re drowning in a world taken over by suckology. Terrorist, dishonest leaders, slobs and snobs, obesity, bad breath, bad drivers, bad food, sleepless nights, over the top news stations spreading panic like it was peanut butter, reality shows… How do we deal with this sad story of collapse and failure?We can’t pull the world from the muck of suck until we look in the mirror and realize that the first project to address is us. How can we cure every one else while we still wander the lonely streets of Suckville.Is it possible to find an approach to success that really works? Does a recipe exist for moving up the ladder at least a rung or two? There has to be a fresh and wonderful part of our being just waiting to explode into view for everyone to see, it only needs to be released.The need is there, the desire, the only question is how to fill that need, achieve that desire. That’s the beauty of this book. It presents the little steps that lead to big results, that move you to a new level, that carry you if not to the stars at least to a classier view. We’ll show you that the first step on this journey is simple: JUST DON’T SUCK. Read, obey, follow our fifteen rules and you’ll be on the road to the far horizon of a better life.

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